Simeon Medical

The LED technology from Simeon offers maximum flexibility for planners, the greatest security of supply for operations and intensive care, and the clearest view in every situation. SIMEON's great flexibility and unique strengths in technical innovation - have enabled the company to become one of the world's most popular manufacturers of LED operating theatre lights. Our lights - whether multi-coloured or single colour - ensure a perfectly lit medical working environment. We support this with our flexible ceiling-mounted supply unit with modular elements. With a specially developed, revolutionary support arm system, which can be reconfigured as desired even after installation. And with a wide range of optional accessories and possible system combinations. All products from SIMEON are made in Germany and set standards for this guaranteed quality.

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TLV Healthcare

The new catalogue is available. It includes all TLV products range: Normal Care, OT/ICU Resuscitation and biomedical equipment. TRATO-TLV group designs, manufactures and commercialises lighting products and hospital equipment in the world. TLV has been building lighting and hospital equipment solutions providing quality, comfort, safety, and good value to healthcare professionals all over the world for more than 60 years. Today, TLV offers the most complete range on the market, using the most advanced technologies. Many of its models are equipped with LEDs, contributing to sustainable development through their long working life and high light output.TLV’s R&D department lies at the heart of its operations. It uses the finest and most efficient materials to build ergonomic, high performance hospital equipment and lighting units.

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Since 1984 EMV GmbH has been known as a reliable partner for the interior construction of hospitals. Giving top priority to the processing of high-quality materials the company already started to produce sliding and hinged doors in its year of foundation. Over the years the product range has been complemented by still more versions so that EMV GmbH evolved into a specialist in this field.

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The Heckmed Medline program features one of the most comprehensive lines of wall rail equipment available on the market.

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Founded in 1991 in Germany, S·CAPE® GmbH has a unique track record of solving digital integration needs of the world’s most reputable hospitals. Exclusive focus on making operating theatres and other acute care areas more efficient through information technology enabled us to become the frontrunner with technological know-how to yield bigger benefits, and the reliable partner of choice for almost 1,000 hospitals around the world.

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Novak M is a Slovene, family-owned and worldwide oriented company with a clear vision and business direction. The company has been developing, manufacturing and providing high-end medical equipment since the year 1979, which represents a challenge to all of its employees. The position of the brand name Novak M has been raising through all of these years, making Novak M a well-known and recognized product line in Slovenia as well as abroad.

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Francehopital is a leading company dealing with:

Handling and logistics inside the hospital wards, including specific solutions like crash cart, patient files carts, trolleys for medication distribution and service trolleys

Management of the whole clean and dirty linen cycle, from the collection and sorting of the dirty linen to the distribution of the clean linen at the patient’s bed, including the transport to the laundry

Collection and transport management of hospital waste, both garbage and hazardous waste

Medication logistics from the point of origin - the stock - to the point of consumption / distribution and administration to the patient.

Products of Francehopital are of premium quality and respond to all standards of hygiene and security. At the same time they are appreciated by all operators for their originality, their design, their efficiency in daily use and not least for their ability to follow the furniture trend

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TR Equipment

Height adjustable Stainless steel bathtubs

Height adjustable stainless steel bathtub ergonomically designed and is easy to operate.

TR 900 Stainless Steel is specially made for care facilities involved in burns treatment. The Stainless Steel bathtub can be delivered together with all standard TR 900 glass fibre panels both manual and Autofill models.

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Armony: Forme & Santé

For more than sixty years, GENIN has designed and manufactured equipment for physiotherapists, osteopaths, doctors and physiotherapy centres.

Located in southern France, their production unit covers more than 6000m2.

It gathers all the elements of the product life cycle, from design to marketing and customer service: CAD design, robot welding, painting, upholstery, assembling, packaging and shipping … all over the world

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Safety Med

Safety Med Ltd manufacture and supply high quality stainless steel operating theatre equipment and accessories. They are also specialist suppliers of electrical product solutions for theatres and wards.

Offering a wide range of hospital theatre equipment and accessory solutions, Safety Med Ltd also supply a varied range of hospital equipment for use in the general wards.Their in-house design facilities allow the provision of a comprehensive service to supply tailor made equipment to your specifications.

Extensive experience of working with medical professionals means that Safety Med Ltd can provide advice and suggestions in order to achieve your requirements. All items are produced using materials of the highest standard and all upholstery is manufactured from top quality anti-static and anti-bacterial fabric.

All of our electrical extension units are manufactured to the highest standards and rigorously tested and CE marked.Their unique design enables infection control by allowing thorough cleaning and any liquid spilt onto the unit either falls down the central drain or drips off overhang. Designed and manufactured for specific use in a hospital environment and unique to Safety Med Ltd.

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KUGEL Medical

KUGEL medical is one of the leading German manufacturers in the field of pathology and histology.

Pathological, histological and cytological institutes, universities, hospitals, funeral parlors, pharmacy companies, governmental institutions as well as forensic institutes count among our customers. All of our solutions distinguish themselves by their high quality, reliability and durability.

Our equipment corresponds to international standards and recent DIN norms. Moreover, we are a DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified company which enables us to guarantee for high quality standards and reliability.

We plan, design and manufacture individual solutions and equipment as per your requirements and local conditions true to our slogan “WE CREATE SOLUTIONS”. More information about our products and us is available upon request.

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FAMED Medical Solutions

The Company commenced operations in 1867 in Zywiec as small chemical manufacturer. After a change in ownership in 1901, the Company moved into woodworking, first producing matches and then gradually expanding production into metal fabrication. In 1921 the Company started manufacturing more advanced chrome-plated steel furniture. In 1946 the Company was nationalized and became a state owned enterprise under the brand name Fabryka Mebli Stalowych "Wschód" w Zadzielu. It soon changed its profile to hospital furniture and became part of the Famed group of Polish medical equipment manufacturers. In 1964 a large infrastructure project included damming the Sola river, resulting in the flooding of the Famed’s original site. Famed moved its headquarters and manufacturing to Zywiec Zablocie, where it sits today.

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