Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness

Weight Stack Machines

Weight stack machines from Multiform allow training all muscle groups and corresponding to the EN957 standards.
We listed all muscles groups in 7 sections :

  • Pectoral
  • Arms/Shoulders
  • Lats
  • Abdominal/Lower back
  • Hips/Gluteus
  • Legs
  • Multiples Exercices

In each group, you will find different versions of machines according to their ranges, TANNAC, MAXI or NEXT.



Free Stack Machines

Ideal for the users who prefer weight and train specific part of the body.

This range is made of about 20 machines and that enables the training of all the muscular groups.

The convergent movement of the arms enables the maximum of safety to the user.



High Performance

MULTIFORM and physical preparation

MULTIFORM designed a range of equipment for high -level athletes.

This range has been developed in collaboration with trainers, coaches and professionals of high-level sport in order to optimize the performance of the athletes.



Fitness Circuits

Workout efficiently while living a real moment of conviviality

Fitness circuits O'Line, R'Line and Up'Line are machines that enable to train all the muscle groups in a single session. Placed in circle, they are used by 7 to 10 persons who move from one machine to another under the supervision and the instructions of a coach.

There are three ranges of circuits :
- Up'Line : weight stack machines - workout in the standing position
- R'Line : air assisted machines
- O'Line : hydraulic resistance machines

Cardio Vascular Training

Multiform offers to its customers several ranges of cardio training for intensive uses, adapting to different needs :
CARDIO serie 10 : professional equipments adapting to large audience
CARDIO serie 14 : professional equipments more powerful, adapting to a more sporty customer base, and a intensive use
CARDIO serie 16 TOUCH : professional equipments powerful and get last Androïd technologies with touch screen and internet access




Multiform met à la disposition de ses clients une gamme complète d'accessoires comprenant :

  • Halteres bloquées hexagonales de 4 à 40 kg
  • Disques caoutchouté en diamètre 28 et diametre 51
  • Barres chromées droites, curl, triceps, EZ ...
  • Clips et autre petit matériel indispensable .



Our quality as a manufacturer allows us to arrange spare parts or wear necessary for the maintenance of the equipment. We have listed the main ones below ; do not hesitate to contact us for any other product.







Thanks to the range of multi-functional and multi-station machines, win a valuable place in your fitness club.
Multi-functional machines allow the workout of several muscular groups on the same work station.
Multi-station allow to several persons to train simultaneously on the machine





Our range of benches counts more than 30 references of benches for training all the muscular groups ; from the flat bench to the tilting benches or with foot rest for pareur.
It covers also the storage equipment as the dumbbells rest or the barbell rack